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      I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. When I was seven y.o., my parents enrolled me in a music school, where I took piano lessons for three years. I also started singing, and joined a children's choir.

      My parents also discovered I had a perfect pitch, i.e. an ability to reproduce a sound with exact accuracy, and a very acute sense of hearing. So, I started playing piano by ear. A few years later, I rejoined the music school to learn the drums, xylophone, and percussion (I always had passion for playing drums). That's when I joined a folk music band; we performed in several prestige concert halls in Moscow.

      In 1991 our family moved from the Soviet Union to the U.S., settling in Los Angeles. Soon thereafter, I met several fellow Russian-native musicians, and we formed a band. I was the lead keyboard player, singer, and songwriter. We rehearsed nearly everyday; and throughout the years we performed at numerous venues and special events. We also recorded a couple of albums. Later on, I learned to play the electric guitar; and soon thereafter I joined a second band.

      Unfortunately, by the late 1990's our band has separated, as the importance of getting a college degree took precedence. Nevertheless, we continued producing and recording music during our free time, at our home studios.

      Ever since we moved to the States, I've always had a piano at home, hence a chance to practice. My friends knew about my skill, so they asked me to play the piano or guitar at various social events. It was impromptu, but I liked those casual gigs, supported by my friends' enjoyment and singing.

      One day, during a holiday celebration with my coworkers at an upscale lounge, I casually started playing the grand piano. The cheering by the lounge customers was truly inspiring (the crowd was pleasantly surprised by my music style!) So, this helped me to decide pursuing Piano-playing professionally. Since then, I played at numerous events, including a production of a national commercial!

      I want to sincerely thank my friends & family for their support and inspiration!